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Scalable Mobile Phone tracking solutions

 Mobile Phone Tracking Solutions blackberry-symbian-wmp

iFind Mobile advanced Mobile phone LBS and tracking solutions delivering integrated services and mobile phone Safety&Security applications helping your business improve efficiency or optimize Safety&Security for your staff or family. 

Healthcare and Mobility

healthcare and mobilityHealthcare and Mobility
In environments where anytime, anyplace communication is critical, availability of an accurate location avoids poor decision-making, inefficient workflow processes and delayed responses to patients. Event-driven, intelligent notification, and real-time location services for patients and elderly citizens improve productivity and effectiveness.


FindWhere’s SaaS platform offering scalable tracking serviceGovernment
Congestion, roadpricing and accessibility of events or city centers are topics high on each political agenda. Continuous data collection from the infrastructure and its users enables local authorities and government to manage traffic and increase overall mobility.

Travel Assistance

findwhere travel assistance for all transportationTravel Assistance
Members and clients may have traveled to any spot on the globe and need support. In today’s world, travelers expect you as service provider to execute in a timely and accurate manner. Location is of crucial importance to determine and assign the optimal response.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside-assistanceRoadside assistance
Vehicle breakdowns can happen on any road, or even off-road, at any moment and geographical location. Optimized resource assignment and integrated location determination for every Assistance Call (E-Call)

Mobile Workforce

monitoring Mobile-workforceMobile Workforce
Customer service representatives, dispatchers, and technicians must be in sync with one another at all times. FindWhere is a leading solution provider offering immediate access to timely information including real time location reports keeping your customers satisfied. Controlled and automated field operations offered via state-of-the-art mobile phone dispatch, scheduling and historic analysis.

Duty of Care

protection for workers Duty-of-careDuty of Care
All employers have a Duty of Care to their employees. Failing to fulfill can have serious consequences not limited to litigation, brand damage or tarnished reputation and serious financial damage or even prison sentence at worst.

Private Investigation

Private-Investigating business GPS solutionsPrivate investigators
Utilizing FindWhere devices and services to track the movement of spouses, children and workers. Efficient surveillance for professionals and individuals who believe mates are having affairs, workers misusing company vehicles or concerned parents.

Incident Management

Incident-ManagementIncident Management Center
Location is a key requirement in an emergency response situation. Receive Panic Alerts in real time or request current locations when needed as integrated functionality in your Incident Management Center! 


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